Aug 13

[adjective] [gerund] websense

I hit a web filter today which makes no sense whatsoever:  http://www.conditional-css.com is tripping the “entertainment” category.

I can’t think of any reason for it to do so. (dictionary search)  Wikipedia defines it as “… an activity designed to give pleasure or relaxation to an audience …” I guess, since it is designed to cause less headaches working with CSS that it would qualify as giving relaxation, then, under this contrived situation, it would be entertaining.  This, evidently, is the reality in which Websense inhabits.  But, back in consensus reality….

A little bit later, I had a lightbulb:

Ok, so it’s tripping on sprymedia.co.uk.  That’s even more of a problem.  That means that Websense will give false positives on shared hosts.  I can’t believe that the creators of websense would be that stupid.  To not comprehend that shared hosting exists in this day and age is just idiotic.

But so is websense.  Either trust that we’re going to be professional or don’t give us access.  Using stupid tools like websense is not the solution.

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