1. 1 Robby Russell


    Not sure if you know this, but most of your actions will require the login_required to be stubbed, you can move this into it’s own shared group for reuse in each spec group. I decided to post quick tutorial because I don’t see many people using it and/or mentioning it.

    * http://rubyurl.com/OGdn

  2. 2 Matt Williams

    Thanks for the response. Your tutorial has a lot of good ideas; I appreciate it.

  3. 3 srboisvert

    Hi Matt. Just the question I was looking for the answer to. Timely.

    BTW – your greater than symbol got translated to a HTML character entity and could mess up cut-an-pasters..

  4. 4 Julien

    Awesome! Thanks Mike for thise. I will check Robby’s tutorial as well ;)

  5. 5 Jonathan Spooner

    You rock buddy! I’m moving all my unit test over to rspec and this post was a big help!

    I had no idea the controller would be available from my test.

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