Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 25

JBoss may be harmful

A coworker and I discovered an issue with jboss’ (which starts the app server).  The problem lies in different flavours of unix (or unix-like) shells returning different values for wait. The relevant code is:

This is all well and good in linux — redhat uses /bin/bash and ubuntu uses /bin/dash for /bin/sh — …

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Sep 22

JRuby + jmx4r + rrd4j == Easy reporting on app servers (part I)

Portion of a JConsole screen

This is a how-to for using jmx and rrd4j, a java implementation of rrdtool, to report on app server statistics. Thanks to Jeff Mesnil(author of jmx4r), Werner Schuster (JMX the Ruby way with jmx4r), sishen (JRobin sucks), and the rrd4j team. You’ll need the following: JVM 1.5 or higher — JRE is not enough, you …

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Sep 22

JRuby to check connectivity…

I had an issue reported by a developer where their jboss connection pool wasn’t working properly. It looked good to me, so I decided to verify that everything worked in so far as connectivity from the box. So, I used the following jruby script to help:

Sep 17

Digging out

Columbus, OH got hit with the remnants of Ike. Large segments still don’t have power (and won’t fora while). So, connectivity is really spotty & I’m behind in a big way. So, if you’ve commented and it’s not been approved or is not replied to, please understand.

Sep 12

Class is Class, and Instance, Instance, and never the twain shall meet

More about methods, it’s inspired/spurred by a comment on methods, public_methods, and private_methods by Pit Captain. It also corrects some misconceptions I had (and may have (wrongly) given others). I’ve added a new category, “eating crow” for this and any other postings where I step back and re-evaluate my posts. This is to keep me …

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Sep 11

methods, public_methods, and private_methods

Ruby’s Object has a method, methods. You can use it to see the methods which an object has. Sort of. In this post I’m examining methods, public_methods, and private_methods as well as some of their implications.

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Sep 11

universal cat redux

I have a neglectful relationship with inject. That is, I neglect to remember that it exists, having worked for so long with other languages which are “unfamiliar with the concept”. Amos King’s blog entry on Inject & Me – BFFs got me to thinking that ucat (see cat on steroids (or cat on a hot …

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Sep 10

cat on steroids (or cat on a hot ruby roof)

I got to thinking about SuperIO and how it could be used as a swiss army chainsaw to open files, whereever they might be on the net.  From there, my fevered mind got to thinking about cat and how the two could be used together.  That said, I present ucat — a universal cat, if …

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Sep 08

Random Quotes

Quotes can provide inspiration or food for thought.  In this entry, I’m examining the use of open-uri and feed-normalizer to get a random quote which could be used as either a thought for the day or a “fortune” replacement.

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Sep 05

A “grue”some look at Statemachine and Treetop


In this blog entry, dear reader, we examine the statemachine and treetop gems via an old standby, a Zork imitation.  And, despite the title, you won’t find a grue.

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