Monthly Archive: November 2008

Nov 25

Upgrading rubygems on Ubuntu

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe it’s a feature of ubuntu, but on two separate systems, when I went to upgrade rubygems to the latest via gem update –system it didn’t work for me.  So, I had to go the more extreme route of: gem install rubygems-updateupdatee_rubygems This is mostly for my own reference, it’s not the …

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Nov 18

Signs I’ve not had enough sleep

I just named a rails controller class ElmoController, because it gets invoked by a tickler…

Nov 14

Concatenation Note to Self

To concatenate in PHP you use a ‘.’, not a ‘+’.  Likewise, you don’t use ‘.’ to reference an object’s members, you use ‘->’.  Move along, nothing to see.

Nov 12

DIY Maps and Linux Firefox/Flash Quirks

First off, let me say that I really like DIY Map. It’s quick, and responsive, with an easy to use interface, as well as allowing you to make changes on the fly easily. That said, I discovered lastnight / this morning that there are some quirks with its updating through the Flash JavaScript Integration Kit. …

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Nov 11

YUI Datasources

Been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve been sick and working on a side project.  That said, I’ll be writing more…… Today’s note/reminder is a gotcha about YUI datasources.  If you have JSON feeding the datasource and you’re getting back more fields in the results than you’re expecting, the datasource will not behave properly.  For …

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