1. 1 John

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear about the time wasted and that the map didn’t work out for you. I’ve tried to design it to be easy to setup and configure.

    Unfortunately, the Flash JavaScript Integration Kit is an open source project that seems to be a bit outdated. If you know of a JavaScript to Flash integration method that works on Flash for Linux, do please let me know. I’ve toyed with the javascript integration backed into Flash 8, but it fires off scary security warnings in the browser.

    As for the other issues, Flash itself can not read XML at full URLs for security reasons. However, you can certainly use pathnames that start from the web server root.

    Finally, the map can indeed read XML generated dynamically. An example of this is the XML generated from MySQL via PHP in the web traffic world map at http://backspace.com/mapapp. The PHP source is available to download there as well.

    If you already haven’t given up, feel free to email.



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