Monthly Archive: December 2008

Dec 17

JBoss and Sesame Street’s Count

One, One database record! Two, Two database record! Muahahaha! By default, when using datasources with JBoss, it does a count to validate a connection, both on creation and when it is requested from the connection pool.  It looks something like: select count(*) from x Now, this can take take a while when working with tables …

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Dec 02

The “A” stands for Asynchronous

So, I have a piece of code which goes out and updates a list.  I’m using Ajax.Updater from Prototype.js, to get data back from the server. In my javascript, however, I’m immediately after kicking off the Ajax.Updater, doing processing based on the results from the update. And they’re out of sync, of course. It just …

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