Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 13

New Ruby Blog

I’ve started a new ruby blog.  Whereas this one tends to longer posts (and not just ruby), the other is intended for short, tight pieces which focus on a single idea.  In general they will be in the format of “mini sagas“.  I’m shooting for daily updates on it. Ruby Blender

Feb 11

Javascript with CSS Sprites Animation

Animated Gif

One of the issues with gif animations is being able to stop and start them at will. This post examines a method of using javascript to control CSS Background Sprites for Animation.

Feb 06

Chibi gets an upgrade

I’m going to have to send my “big” laptop off for servicing, so I upgraded chibi, or as my daughter calls it, “Baby yaptop”.  I upgraded the ram to 2gb — it was only $27 with tax.  I had held off on this because I didn’t want to “void the warranty”.  I found out today …

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Feb 05

Web Based Portable mysql tool suite

Are you limited in what software you can use at work?  This article details how to have a web based tool suite for mysql.  It currently has the following tools: AjaxMyTop — a php implementation of mytop (think top for mysql) which runs in a browser. rbdb — a phpmyadmin work-alike in progress.  It’s the …

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