Mar 06

Nifty Things for Week Ending 6 March 2015

Karojisatsu — PSA & Must Read

Stephen, in his presentation, described a Japanese term called Karoshi – literally as “death from overwork.” I have seen this hundreds of times in our industry and I also have come close enough to understand the brink of Karoshi myself. … In the 1980s there was such a concern about Karoshi in Japan that the Japanese Ministry of Labour began to publish statistics on it. While most of the discussion around Karoshi deals with older workers dying from heart attaches and strokes, the Japanse have also identified “Kar?jisatsu” as someone who commits suicide due to this kind of mental stress. — Kar?jisatsu « IT Revolution IT Revolution



Our Feline Overlords


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Things of Beauty

Moonlit night of plum blossoms
* Moonlit night of plum blossoms | Today’s Image | EarthSky

The Final Frontier



Raspberry Pi


When you write copy you have the right to copyright the copy you write. You can write good and copyright but copyright doesn’t mean copy good – it might not be right good copy, right? — Copyright 1991 Shelley Herman S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Whittier Chapter. Adapted and Appended by Scott Simmerman. Copyright Explained!


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