Sep 18

OBS for Videos

I recently discovered a really interesting tool for producing videos of screen captures, optionally with webcam inserts. It’s called Open Broadcaster Software and it works on Linux, Windows, and there is a beta version for Apple OSX.

It seems that it was originally intended for streaming to websites, but it has a lot more features now. Within a few minutes I was able to set it up for Kidzilla and she’s been busy recording her drawing sessions so that she can upload speeddraw videos to youtube. Admittedly, they’ll need post-processing to speed them up, but still, it’s easy for her to use — we set up a hotkey for starting and stopping recording.

I expect to be using it myself very shortly, but so far I like it a lot!

Note for Linux Users

You might encounter an issue with recordings being black/blank, despite showing in the preview properly. After some searching I discovered: Black Screen fix.

Once I set it to do 32 sample down scaling it fixed it. Two of the options work but the default bicubic with 16 samples was causing the issue.

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