Mar 10

Cloudera Manager GUI and API Can Step on Each Other

While learning how the configuration worked — in particular which arguments to pass in order to set non-default values, I discovered that I could lose changes by following these steps:

  1. Use the GUI to set a value and save it. This is just so that you can find the variable. Keep the GUI open.
  2. Dump the deployment to see what the variable name is (curl http://MANAGER:7180/api/v11/cm/deployment?view=export > SOMEFILE)
  3. Call the API, setting the variable to the desired value.
  4. Back in the GUI, either do a reload or look up another configuration parameter. (I’m not sure of the exact steps here, but I think I noticed it happening two different ways)

It appears that the GUI is storing the state (again) when you reload or migrate away from the page. This emerged when I spent a bit of time helping someone figure out why his API calls weren’t changing variables.

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