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Mar 21

Swarming Raspberry Pi – Part 1


Here’s the first in a series of building a robust docker swarm of raspberry pi hosts. This installment goes through installing the Pi(s), modifiying the Docker Daemon config, and starting up a test to verify that everyone can join the cluster. The cluster which I am using consists of Raspberry Pi B+ x 5 Raspberry …

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Mar 10

Raspberry Pi Swarm Pushed to Unsuspecting Docker Hub

I’ve pushed nimblestratus/rpi-swarm to the Docker Hub. It was pretty easy to port — basically stock Swarm, with Dockerfile changes needed for the Pi. Thanks to hypriot for the hypriot/rpi-golang container which I used as a base. One caveat…. only containers which are created for the Pi will be able to run on the Raspberry …

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Mar 04


11 Raspberry Pi, (Pi 2x6, Pi B+x5), Cables, Switch, and Power. (Keyboard not shown)

Have cluster, will travel…. Build details to follow shortly.

Jan 02

How to make Ubuntu Snappy no longer snappy

In wishing to test my Snappy Swarm — scripts to run Docker Swarm under Ubuntu Snappy (work in progress, but almost ready for a release) — I decided to try running the scripts inside a Virtualbox instance spawned by Vagrant. kvm doesn’t work inside virtualbox, so qemu was the way to go. I’m modifying the …

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Dec 18

Using Docker Registry with Riak-CS

Intro As a proof of concept, this uses the docker hectcastro/riak-cs container to create the riak-cs cluster. Some flavour of linux with a recent Docker version is assumed. Riak-CS Pull the github repository; it has a Makefile and scripts to bring up the cluster and test it. It can set up a haproxy container in …

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Nov 14

Free Cloud Resources

This is a quick list of “free” cloud resources. Mirantis Openstack Express (Developer) Rackspace Developer + Google Cloud Platform Trial Openshift Free Elephant Postgres (free) Redis Cloud ClearDB (mysql) Stackato Cluster (up to 20GB)

Sep 28

Go executables are statically linked, except when they are not.

Generally GO executables are advertised as statically linked.

And they are, mostly, except for those times where they aren’t.

This is about one of those times, and what I discovered in the process.

Sep 16

Docker Volumes Quirk

When specifying volume paths in a Docker run command, extra slashes can cause things not to work properly.

Jul 27

Using Openstack/Devstack Floating IPs from outside

I hope that this is of use to someone. After many hours of tearing down, building up, programming routers, etc., I’ve figured out why my devstack wasn’t allowing access from floating ips. I knew that the address was resolving (arp -a); I just couldn’t ssh to it (or do anything else with it) It was …

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