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Mar 22

Docker Cleanup

After a time, Docker containers and images build up and can eat disk space. Failed docker build invocations can leave a lot of artifacts behind. The following commands can help. Many of them say ‘not all containers could be removed’; this has to do with the header from docker ps. Usually this can be ignored. …

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Feb 25

Grabbing Titles & URLs with a Bookmarklet

The following is fixing the wrong problem, but often technology is easier than people problems. $WORK removed the ability to use plugins with Chrome without having to go through a bureaucratic process lasting weeks. One tool I’ve found useful is the ability to copy the title and link of a page to the clipboard and …

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Nov 14

Free Cloud Resources

This is a quick list of “free” cloud resources. Mirantis Openstack Express (Developer) Rackspace Developer + Google Cloud Platform Trial Openshift Free Elephant Postgres (free) Redis Cloud ClearDB (mysql) Stackato Cluster (up to 20GB)

Jun 22

cygwin and torquebox and rvm, oh my!

rvm, despite being wonderful, doesn’t play very well with torquebox under cygwin. In particular, the gem paths are not working. So, in order to fix this, simply do: rvm use system And then it will work right. Once you’re done with the torquebox work, you can go back to using rvm.

Mar 02

Rails & JRuby in a Jar

This is a discussion of what I needed to do to put rails and JRuby together in a single jar.

May 14

SSL Joys

The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from. Andrew S. Tanenbaum I’ve been working with a Apache proxy to force SSL and https.  Well, I haven’t had any control over the certificates.  And they can come in so many versions, especially given that Microsoft wants to do …

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Jan 14

SSL and Java Keystores

If you happen to change a machine’s name, be sure to delete the previous definition from the keystore.  Otherwise it will complain mightily and, indeed, fail when you attempt to add in the pem file.

Dec 17

JBoss and Sesame Street’s Count

One, One database record! Two, Two database record! Muahahaha! By default, when using datasources with JBoss, it does a count to validate a connection, both on creation and when it is requested from the connection pool.  It looks something like: select count(*) from x Now, this can take take a while when working with tables …

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Nov 25

Upgrading rubygems on Ubuntu

Maybe it’s me.  Maybe it’s a feature of ubuntu, but on two separate systems, when I went to upgrade rubygems to the latest via gem update –system it didn’t work for me.  So, I had to go the more extreme route of: gem install rubygems-updateupdatee_rubygems This is mostly for my own reference, it’s not the …

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Sep 11

methods, public_methods, and private_methods

Ruby’s Object has a method, methods. You can use it to see the methods which an object has. Sort of. In this post I’m examining methods, public_methods, and private_methods as well as some of their implications.

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