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Jan 11

DevOps Talk Update

The recording of my DevOps talk at DevOps Days Ohio is available online now at Ignite Talks Day 2 -DevOpsDays Ohio 2015 – YouTube. I’m the first speaker. I repeated the talk at Codemash during their lightning talks — the recording of that should be available at some point. It will be interesting to …

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Apr 05

SSD on a Raspberry Pi

As a part of building out the Cloud in a Box, I wanted some storage for Docker images, as well as data. Based upon my previous experience, I believed that a SSD would be faster than a Micro SD, but I hadn’t tested it as yet. The challenge from Dieter Reuter (@Quintus23M), asking how I’d …

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Mar 19

Pi on a Pi Followup

The particular algorithm used in calculating Pi is one which converges to Pi as you add terms; it’s not calculating out to a number of digits, although I might try that one as well at some point. Here’s the output from a run; it’s interesting how it gets closer and closer, but… Another interesting thing …

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