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Oct 07

Hypriot Does it Again

Many thanks and kudos to the most excellent people at Hypriot on their latest release! Hypriot has made Docker on the Pi easy — prior to their distribution it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to compile and get Docker working on the Pi. (Trust me!!! Been there, done that, have the t-shirt). …

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Oct 02

Multifarious v2

While at a DevOps Birds of a Feather session at Ohio Linux Fest today I was describing to John Willis (@botchagalupe) my experiments with Docker and the Pi Swarm. Along the way, I mentioned that I’d gotten heterogenous docker swarms working using Powerstrip — aka Multifarious, first described in Heterogenous Docker Swarms Teaser. In so …

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Sep 07

Bulk Adding Hosts to a Pi Swarm

I’ve refreshed my stack and am rebuilding the cluster. I’m using Hypriot for the linux distribution, but I’m a smart sysadmin (read lazy) and don’t want to manually add them each time. Also, I want to make a script so that I can quickly rebuild. This is inspired by Let Docker Swarm all over your …

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Sep 07

Getting the Docker Swarm Discovery Token

At the moment, docker swarm doesn’t have a self-discovery method. If you’ve mislaid or forgotten the discovery token you can’t add new elements. It just so happens that if you do a docker inspect $SWARM_AGENT_MASTER, the token will show up in the command line arguments.

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Apr 15

Swarming Raspberry Pi: Private Registry for Swarm Images


Some more backstory on the Pi Swarm I was really excited when Amazon announced their Lambda offering. I thought that it was an awesome idea, but for the lack of an open solution and that it locked you into javascript. I believe that using Docker, we can have a relatively simple Amazon Lambda work-alike which …

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Apr 12

Docker Workers Scale Nicely with Multiple Cores

Disclaimer: The title might be a bit misleading. For this workload, it’s scaling pretty much linearly. Other workloads might scale differently. I was running a quick-ish test on a Pi to see how long it would take to churn through 50GB compressed data. This processing consists of: Determining the files to be processed — this …

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Apr 03

Swarming Raspberry Pi: Docker Swarm Discovery Options

Docker Swarm supports a variety of methods for discovering swarm members. Each has arguments in its favor. In this post I shall discuss the various methods and thoughts regarding each. Background I originally started with the idea of having a portable cluster, a “cloud in a box” if you will, so that I could go …

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