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Jul 23

On demand containers

I’ve been interested in Linux Containers for quite a while; I think that they have their sweet spot where they are better than virtual instances — in particular they require less resources. I am working on a framework to use linux containers for on-demand computing — increasing or decreasing instances of applications as needed.  I …

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Sep 01

Fractal Terrain Generation

Our map

I’ve been working on a wargaming library/framework off and on for over a year; along the way I’ve encountered a number of interesting problems to solve. This blog entry details one of them, fractal terrain generation.

Jul 30

z-index and events

Today’s lesson has to do with z-index and events. I’d had a png with transparant portions that I wanted to use as a mask, so that information from underneath would not show. However, buttons, links, and hovers were not working — the top level element was taking the events and eating them. A change of …

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Apr 10

After long silence

The hiatus has been due to me having been really sick with a weird neurological disorder.  I didn’t do any coding at all for over 2 months.  I’m starting to feel better, but I still have my good days and bad.  So, there will be updates.  Hopefully before not too much longer.

Feb 11

Javascript with CSS Sprites Animation

Animated Gif

One of the issues with gif animations is being able to stop and start them at will. This post examines a method of using javascript to control CSS Background Sprites for Animation.

Feb 06

Chibi gets an upgrade

I’m going to have to send my “big” laptop off for servicing, so I upgraded chibi, or as my daughter calls it, “Baby yaptop”.  I upgraded the ram to 2gb — it was only $27 with tax.  I had held off on this because I didn’t want to “void the warranty”.  I found out today …

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Sep 12

Class is Class, and Instance, Instance, and never the twain shall meet

More about methods, it’s inspired/spurred by a comment on methods, public_methods, and private_methods by Pit Captain. It also corrects some misconceptions I had (and may have (wrongly) given others). I’ve added a new category, “eating crow” for this and any other postings where I step back and re-evaluate my posts. This is to keep me …

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Aug 29

CSS tooltips using CSS Sprites

Thought Bubbles!

For a project I’m currently working on I wanted to make some “bubble” tooltips.  In order to cut down on the size/number of images, I’m using css sprites.  A quick google reveals that nobody else has (at least on the first page) put together tooltips using sprites.  The technique will work with any sort of …

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Aug 29

Blogs I’m excited about…

Earlier I was going through rss feeds when I noticed that a blog had been updated. I thought to myself “Oh, cool! they’ve updated.” It struck me that there are certain individual (as in written by an individual) blogs which I follow and am excited when I see posts. Here’s a partial list — bear …

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Aug 17

.irbc contents

I think that irb is one of the most useful tools in the rails toolbox. It allows me to quickly determine how something works, sample results (for putting into blogs, don’tcha know) and makes me a more effective ruby developer. One of the nice things about irb is it’s .irbrc file where you can place …

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