Apr 24

DevOps Creed (Work in Progress)

This is a work in progress of a DevOps Creed. It will always be a work in progress as I and others learn and grow. Suggestions are welcome!


I have drunk deep of the DevOps Kool-Aid. From the visions which ensued, I have come to the following….

I Believe:

  • DevOps methodologies lead to systems which are Repeatable, Reproducible, and Reliable.
  • You are not accountable (or responsible) if you will never get a call in the middle of the night.
  • Without shared pain, systems and software will not improve.
  • The goal of operations is not get unexpected calls in the middle of the night. If I am doing my job, then preventable issues are dealt with before they are a problem.
  • Post Mortems need to be blameless and a learning tool to mitigate or prevent future occurrences.
  • ITIL describes a set of best practices; it doesn’t dictate how to implement the practices. Just because they come from “suits” doesn’t mean they’re not valid.
  • Learning is key to growth. Once you stop learning, you’re dead.
  • It is important to question one’s assumptions. How many RFC’s have there been for email over the past three decades?
  • Utopia contains no pets and only cattle. It is an ideal to be pursued.
  • Infrastructure as code and revision control make disaster recovery much less painful.
  • Reduce the likelihood of operator error: automate whenever appropriate.
  • Paired programming and code review works for infrastructure, too.

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