Matt Williams’ just this guy, you know?  He lives in Columbus, OH, plays with his daughter, cooks, roasts coffee, reads books, weaves, and hacks Ruby.  In previous incarnations he has been, among other things, a Java instructor for Sun, a Kitchen Bard, and King of the May.


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  1. Nigel trewartha

    Hello Matt,
    On your Site under Aetherical you promote http://nimblestrat.us/
    At that Site there is absolutely no extractable information to be had at all.
    What are they supposed to do/offer?

    I hope your knee is getting better!

    All the best


  2. Matt Williams

    I need to rebuild the site.

    Basically, though, nimblestratus is a project for cloud computing — end goal being predictive/on demand scaling.

    Yes, doing much better thank you!

  3. Timothy Oliver

    Really good article Matt! And thanks for the use of the word ‘betwixt’!! That was great!!

  4. Matt Williams


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