Feb 06

Chibi gets an upgrade

I’m going to have to send my “big” laptop off for servicing, so I upgraded chibi, or as my daughter calls it, “Baby yaptop”.  I upgraded the ram to 2gb — it was only $27 with tax.  I had held off on this because I didn’t want to “void the warranty”.  I found out today that increasing the ram wouldn’t do so, which was good because I was going to do it anyway.  I also replaced the 2gb sd card with an 8gb one.  I’d recently put eeebuntu on it — I’ve really been enjoying it.

However, since I added the extra ram, it’s running a *lot* faster.  I’m thinking that Linux is doing a lot less behind the scenes in terms of juggling memory & is able to cache a lot better than it had.  Things that might take a second or more previously take almost no time at all.

I should have done this a long time ago.

The end result is that I’ve got a very usable system now, even if it’s “only” got a 900mhz processor.

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