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Feb 13

New Ruby Blog

I’ve started a new ruby blog.  Whereas this one tends to longer posts (and not just ruby), the other is intended for short, tight pieces which focus on a single idea.  In general they will be in the format of “mini sagas“.  I’m shooting for daily updates on it. Ruby Blender

Sep 17

Digging out

Columbus, OH got hit with the remnants of Ike. Large segments still don’t have power (and won’t fora while). So, connectivity is really spotty & I’m behind in a big way. So, if you’ve commented and it’s not been approved or is not replied to, please understand.

Aug 29

$0.23 Skiddoo

Just for grins and giggles, I went to see how much I’ve earned from scribefire thus far — $0.23 cents — they’ve determined that 218 impressions have been viewed. That said, I’m currently at about 1520 views for the last three weeks.  I did the scribefire on the 25th, I’ve had ~400 views (according to …

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Aug 25

Testing Scribefire

I’m testing scribefire to see how well it works…. Nothing to see here, move along.

Aug 25

Ruby Corner Feed

I’m not sure why, but the Ruby Corner is always picking up on my next-to-last post.  Weird.  I wonder if it’s something I’m not doing properly or what……

Aug 08

Hello world!

I’m trying something different here.  After reading Jay Field’s post Be Your Start-Up, I was inspired to do more to build my own “brand”.  In the past, I’ve operated under one or more nicknames/personas with varying amounts of notariety.  But I’ve not been known as myself. This is an attempt to build the Matt Williams …

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