Mar 11

Pi Metrix

I really like that go can produce static executables which do not require any dynamic libraries; this is especially useful for sysadmin tools.

Metrix is one such tool — it is a single executable which is able to gather a variety of metrics and send them to different aggregators (by default it is sent to STDOUT):

I compiled the binary using hypriot’s rpi-golang container; and followed the directions in Metrix’ Github repo, adding in commands as needed. I will likely create a container to automate these steps. One quirk, if anyone wishes to try building — I used the last “release” version of metrix; there were issues doing a git clone and trying to build.

This has been tested on both HypriotOS and Raspbian, on a Pi B+ and Pi 2B.

If you try to run this within a Docker container your results will be mixed at best due to Docker’s isolation.

To use, download from the link below and place on a Pi, then do the following:

Download: metrix.bz2

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