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Mar 17

Mounting Images on Linux

This is mostly for reference, but may be of use to others. In order to mount an image (in order to be able to edit it), you can execute the following code:

This is useful for editing one or more files in an image without needing to copy it to a device or card.

Mar 11

Pi Metrix


I really like that go can produce static executables which do not require any dynamic libraries; this is especially useful for sysadmin tools. Metrix is one such tool — it is a single executable which is able to gather a variety of metrics and send them to different aggregators (by default it is sent to …

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Feb 25

Grabbing Titles & URLs with a Bookmarklet

The following is fixing the wrong problem, but often technology is easier than people problems. $WORK removed the ability to use plugins with Chrome without having to go through a bureaucratic process lasting weeks. One tool I’ve found useful is the ability to copy the title and link of a page to the clipboard and …

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Aug 01

Cloudy Update

I’ve been working with Docker a good bit and have updated my list of tools.  Here’s a quick dump of where I am in the design of the infrastructure. collectd will be used to monitor cgroup statistics.  This necessitates compiling all or part of collectd — the current packages do not contain the cgroup plugin. …

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Feb 05

Web Based Portable mysql tool suite

Are you limited in what software you can use at work?  This article details how to have a web based tool suite for mysql.  It currently has the following tools: AjaxMyTop — a php implementation of mytop (think top for mysql) which runs in a browser. rbdb — a phpmyadmin work-alike in progress.  It’s the …

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Oct 20

New Favorite Pencils

I’m a stationary supply junkie.  I admit it.  I love pens, papers, notebooks….  I’ve just found a new favorite pencil.  Barnes & Noble has a small section of art supplies in a local store and one of the items they have are graphite stick pencils.  At first grasp, they feel a little heavy — about …

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