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Dec 03

Why Good Algorithms Matter

It might be self evident, but I realized something today — the real reason behind choosing good algorithms to solve a problem is that the good ones either break the problem into smaller problems or are myopic; focusing only on the steps needed to reach an answer. All else is superfluous.

Sep 30

I’m Speaking at CodeMash!

CodeMash is a conference held yearly in Sandusky, OH bringing together developers and geeks of all flavours. I’m speaking about algorithms: Great Galloping Cuckoos: Algorithms Faster than log(n): Algorithms are the foundation of Computer Science. However, over the past two decades they have, for many, taken a back seat to Design Patterns. Without strong algorithms, …

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Aug 27

Stronger Faster Algorithms

Oft times all thoughts of algorithms are left behind with school. If they’re not, it can be too easy to get caught up in spending too much time trying to do something the “most efficient” way at the expense of spending two weeks coding to save a few milliseconds, but still there is a lot …

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