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Aug 31

DevOps Isn’t…. (A Mini Saga)

DevOps isn’t a tool or a project. It’s a practice. Like any other practice it improves with… practice. There is no recipe. No roadmap. There is no certificate or trophy. The journey starts with recognizing there is a problem and wanting to change. And practicing until you get it right.

Aug 28

Mini Sagas Revisited

A long time ago I encountered mini sagas. Even wrote some. I think it’s high time for some more…. It’s been said that constraints foster creativity. I have, sitting in a little box, far more computing power than NASA did for Apollo, using far less electricity. Yet, by today’s standards, I feel constrained and need …

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Aug 26

Mini Sagas

One of the manifestos from ChangeThis this month is about Mini Sagas.  The author, Rajesh Setty presents the idea that writing mini sagas, which contain exactly 50 words, expands your creativity — following on the idea that Creativity Loves Constraints. Typically the mini saga expresses some sort of message or value — I think in …

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