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Sep 12

Minimum Viable Configuration (a mini saga)

Balance. 3D. Out of Balance

Too many believe that bigger is better; elaborate systems, multitude layers, and diverse architectural patterns demonstrate a maturity of design. Unfortunately they aren’t called at 3am when it breaks. I prefer the simplicity of less — kissing Occam’s razor; trimming away until perfection… when there is nothing left to take away.

Apr 03

Nifty Things for Week Ending 3 April

Questioning Assumptions No, it’s not always quicker to do things in memory | ITworld DevOps 5 Definitions of #DevOps #DevOps = #ContinuousDelivery + #ContinuousObsolescence? DevOps is for life, not just for techies HAProxy LINICKX.com How to load balance TCP connections with HAProxy Docker Docker Contributor Guide Business What Happens When Apple Buys a Company You …

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Jan 23

Nifty Things for Week 23 January 2015

Animation ‘Robot Chicken’ Animator Uses Nintendo Power Glove As Tool (Video) Career What’s a Pain Letter? – Human Workplace Forget Cover Letters – Write A Pain Letter, Instead! – Forbes How To Write Your Human-Voiced Resume – Forbes These Ten Zombie Phrases Are Killing Your Resume – Forbes Making MarkForged Lets You 3D Print With …

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Jan 02

Nifty Things for Week 2 Jan 2015

Tools Taiga — Open Source agile project management. Supports Scrum & Kanban out of the box. Open Daylight — Software defined networking Cloud OSv — Open Source Operating System designed for Cloud Mesosphere DCOS: One command control of data center services Life Lessons 5 Lessons I Learned at Ebay So You Want to be a …

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