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Jun 09

Torquebox and Cygwin: Take I

Torquebox and Cygwin don’t work as nicely together as one might hope. That said, here are a couple of findings: In order to deploy, you need to set the $JBOSS_HOME with the Windows path.  You can do this via export JBOSS_PATH=cygpath -w PATH_TO_JBOSS. Additionally, the JRUBY_HOME needs to be a windows path as well.   Otherwise …

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Sep 05

Converting a rails app from 1.2.6 to 2.1

This is the first in a series(???) of posts detailing things that I’ve found in the process of updating rails (and other plugins/gems) for an application.  Due to politics, it’s using JRuby, running inside a JBoss container, with a Derby backend. Things which are getting updated include: Rails ActiveRecord-JDBC ActiveScaffold ActiveScaffoldExport Goldspike is being replaced …

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Aug 25

Rails Project Setup Script

I got tired of typing the same commands all the time and/or looking up urls for plugins.  Hence this script….  Yes, I know it’s been done before, but this does what I want (for now; I’m sure I’ll edit it). It does the following: Creates rails instance (optionally setting the database, etc.) Installs rspec & …

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Aug 19

rspec, restful_authentication, and login_required

This is partly for myself, and partly for anyone after me….. I have a controller generated via rspec_scaffold — yes, I know, it might not be what all the cool kids are doing, but it works.  I also have restful_authentication set up to use rspec.  So, when I go to add before_filter :login_required, autotest frowns …

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Aug 12

O_RLY? A Ruby/Rails implementation of snowl (Part I)


Recently Mozilla Labs released a prototype of snowl, a rss/atom/twitter feed reader. It is a firefox plugin and provides two views of messages — a “traditional” message view, as well as a “river of news“. I thought that this could be easily “redone” as a rails application. The rest of this article steps through the …

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