Feb 25

Grabbing Titles & URLs with a Bookmarklet

The following is fixing the wrong problem, but often technology is easier than people problems. $WORK removed the ability to use plugins with Chrome without having to go through a bureaucratic process lasting weeks. One tool I’ve found useful is the ability to copy the title and link of a page to the clipboard and I am missing it mightily. After a (admittedly brief) search for a generic solution, I came up with the following, which is loosely based on information found at the following:

It’s not perfect, and something of a hack — I didn’t find a browser independent method to copy to the clipboard, but it beats cutting and pasting. Drag the following link to the bookmark bar:

The link looks like this:

The false is important; without it you’ll be taken away from the current page and the page will be replaced with the title and url of the page you’d been on….

It’s easy enough to modify; a similar link returning html follows:

As an aside, Bookmarklets – Design tools has a great tool for editing bookmarklets.

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