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Feb 11

Javascript with CSS Sprites Animation

Animated Gif

One of the issues with gif animations is being able to stop and start them at will. This post examines a method of using javascript to control CSS Background Sprites for Animation.

Dec 02

The “A” stands for Asynchronous

So, I have a piece of code which goes out and updates a list.  I’m using Ajax.Updater from Prototype.js, to get data back from the server. In my javascript, however, I’m immediately after kicking off the Ajax.Updater, doing processing based on the results from the update. And they’re out of sync, of course. It just …

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Nov 12

DIY Maps and Linux Firefox/Flash Quirks

First off, let me say that I really like DIY Map. It’s quick, and responsive, with an easy to use interface, as well as allowing you to make changes on the fly easily. That said, I discovered lastnight / this morning that there are some quirks with its updating through the Flash JavaScript Integration Kit. …

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Aug 13


Despite reports to the contrary, scriptaculous sortables do not work inside a table, nor a tbody. (as of rails 2.1)