Jan 30

Eight Free and Open Source Art Software Tools

This list was originally compiled for Art & Design Explorer Post 407.

Name Platform URL Image Type Uses Notes License
Blender Linux, Windows, Mac http://blender.org 3D Animation Renderer, Animations, and Game Creation GPL
Gimp Linux, Windows, Mac http://gimp.org Bitmap Drawing, Photomanipulation, Graphic Design Photoshop workalike GPLv3
Inkscape Linux, Windows, Mac http://inkscape.org Vector Drawing, Graphic Design Adobe Illustrator workalike GPL
Krita Linux, Windows, Mac http://krita.org Bitmap Drawing Very nice paint software GPL
Pencil2D Linux, Windows, Mac http://www.pencil2d.org/ 2D, Bitmap Animation Mimics traditional 2D animation GPL
Pivot Animator Windows http://pivotanimator.net/ Other Animation Stick figure animation; AVI & GIF Free (other)
Stykx Linux, Windows, Mac http://stykz.net Other Animation Like Pivot, but multiplatform & more features. Exports animated GIF & MOV Free (other)
Synfig Linux, Windows, Mac http://synfig.org Vector, Bitmap, 2D Animation Like Flash or Anime Studio GPLv2.0

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