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Sep 25

Thoughts on Writing a Guest Post

I recently wrote a guest post for Open Source Delivers entitled Containers and Open Source Vulnerabilities. I feel very privileged to do so. Here are some initial thoughts on writing a guest post: Constraints breed Creativity — the guidelines for a blog, while constraints, can bring out the best in you. I find that having …

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Nov 19

Twelve Lessons Learned from a Startup Weekend

This past weekend I participated in my first Startup Weekend Columbus. During the course of which we built Fairflo, a marketplace for fair-trade items. The front end can use some work, but at the end of the weekend we had a fully functioning e-commerce site. I’ll write about the infrastructure separately, but as an aside …

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Aug 31

Quick thought on programming and distractions

“The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.” — Buddha Too often it’s easy to spend hours days weeks far too long reading blogs and wilfing doing research.  Looking for that perfect tool.  Looking for a wonderful library.  Looking for a new technique.  Looking, looking, looking.  Almost like Hans Guck-in-die-Luft, …

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Oct 20

New Favorite Pencils

I’m a stationary supply junkie.  I admit it.  I love pens, papers, notebooks….  I’ve just found a new favorite pencil.  Barnes & Noble has a small section of art supplies in a local store and one of the items they have are graphite stick pencils.  At first grasp, they feel a little heavy — about …

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