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Sep 02

Times have Changed: Virtual Training

I’m in hadoop admin training for ${WORK} this week — it’s a virtual course, but the interface is actually the nicest I’ve seen yet. The training is being held by ExitCertified and the virtual bit pretty much just works. They provide a webcam and headset to cut down on technical issues. So I have a …

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Mar 17

Mounting Images on Linux

This is mostly for reference, but may be of use to others. In order to mount an image (in order to be able to edit it), you can execute the following code:

This is useful for editing one or more files in an image without needing to copy it to a device or card.

Jan 02

How to make Ubuntu Snappy no longer snappy

In wishing to test my Snappy Swarm — scripts to run Docker Swarm under Ubuntu Snappy (work in progress, but almost ready for a release) — I decided to try running the scripts inside a Virtualbox instance spawned by Vagrant. kvm doesn’t work inside virtualbox, so qemu was the way to go. I’m modifying the …

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Oct 20

New Favorite Pencils

I’m a stationary supply junkie.  I admit it.  I love pens, papers, notebooks….  I’ve just found a new favorite pencil.  Barnes & Noble has a small section of art supplies in a local store and one of the items they have are graphite stick pencils.  At first grasp, they feel a little heavy — about …

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